Returning Traveler Incentives

We love our return travelers! We’d love to have you join us again, so we created a variety of incentives including discounts and additional support for conservation efforts. Contact us with any questions about these incentives.

Discounts: Take $100 per person off any of our tours and get special offers on select tours (see side section for details). Also good for friends and family joining you on any trip (no limit to how many people).

Exclusive Trips: One trip per year reserved exclusively for our returning friends to new and special sites around the world. Stay tuned for the next one!

Discounts to Donations: Rather have your discount go to support conservation efforts? You can do that now! Choose to support a local partner or one of our conservation programs. This donation will be in addition to any donations already included in the trip cost. Just let us know when you sign up what you would like to do. All donations are tax-deductible (we will provide a receipt).

Donations to Discounts: Give a tax-deductible donation to any of our conservation programs and we will take that amount off your next tour, up to $200! You can either donate to save baby sea turtles or donate to help end the turtleshell trade. Note: This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Refer A Friend: Know someone who would love our tours? Refer them and if they sign up, they will get a $50 discount and you will get a $50 credit on your next trip, per person, in addition to the regular or donation discount. If your friend joins you on your trip, you will get an additional $50 discount but they will receive the returning traveler discount of $100.

Upcoming Trips & Discounts