What Makes SEE Turtles Conservation Tours Unique

 Experience the thrill of helping to save endangered sea turtles! SEE Turtles trips are unique hands-on experiences that benefit sea turtle conservation programs across Latin America. When you go on a conservation tour, you meet inspiring local conservationists, experience local cultures, and participate in fun activities. 

10 Reasons To Travel With Us

  1. Our Conservation Impact: 100% of tour profits support our turtle conservation programs. We lay out the financial impact of every trip on turtle conservation and local communities, the only trip operator to have this transparency. Our trips have generated more than $1 million for turtle conservation and local communities through tour fees, spending in local businesses, donations, and volunteer time.

  2. At least 500 hatchlings saved for every participant through our Billion Baby Turtles program. To date, we have helped save more than 3 million hatchlings at more than 30 important nesting beaches around the world. Profits also help support our Too Rare To Wear campaign that works to end demand for turtleshell products and our new Sea Turtles & Plastic campaign to help clean up turtle habitats.

  3. We’re Safe: We are implementing new safety procedures for all of our trips. Learn more about that here. And learn about our Worry-Free Cancellation policy.

  4. Work with Local Researchers: All of our trips partner with local organizations and researchers and you will learn first-hand from experts on how conservation works in the field. They will train you and help with any data collection.

  5. We know how to do this. SEE Turtles has been a leader in sea turtle conservation travel for more than a decade and we have brought more than 1,000 people to turtle projects around Latin America and the Caribbean.

  6. Personal & Responsive Service: We treat eat customer with respect and pride ourselves on quick responses and thorough customer service.

  7. We’re recognized as leaders in the sustainable travel world. In 2019, we won both the prestigious Changemakers Award from the World Travel & Tourism Council for our work to protect wildlife through tourism, as well as the Skal Sustainable Tourism Award in the Marine & Coastal Category.

  8. We set the standard for conservation travel. We educate travelers, divers, and the travel industry on how to protect sea turtles through travel and volunteering and how to minimize potential harm to turtles and local communities.

  9. Small group sizes. Our groups average from 6 to a maximum of 12 people on most trips. That means more up-close experiences with sea turtles and other wildlife.

  10. Affordable trips. Our trips cost on average 30 percent less than major tour operators to the same destinations. We keep our costs low by minimizing our overhead and working directly with local organizations.

Bonus Reason: We’re fun! We don’t just put you to work, we find social and cultural activities, outdoor and adventure activities, and other unique stuff as well as the volunteering.