Conservation Tours Safety Precautions

SEE Turtles is doing everything we can to keep you safe on your conservation trip with us. We are implementing the following measures on all of our trips through 2021 and will be adding in new procedures as they are developed. We will provide to every traveler a more detailed plan for each individual trip as well.

  • Limiting group size: We are reducing our maximum group size to 10 people per trip. In 2022, we will raise that to 12 people but that will be our maximum going forward.

  • Safety Kits: We are providing kits with cloth masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes to all travelers at no cost to bring.

  • Keeping accommodations safe: We are working with our accommodations to ensure that rooms stay sanitary. That includes limiting cleaning services (optional), distancing at meals, and supplies of sanitizer and wipes available.

  • Cancellations: If a country closes its borders or institutes a mandatory quarantine for visitors, we will cancel the trip and provide a 100% refund of all trip fees paid, no questions asked. Learn more about our worry-free cancellation policy.

  • All accommodations will be maximum two per room (unless you have a larger group traveling together that wants to share, such as families) and single travelers will not have to share rooms (based on availability). We will not have single supplements for this year.

  • Low Contact: Our trips go to off-the-map places with low visitation in most cases. Where our trips go to more visited places, we will look for alternatives. We will also ensure distancing during activities wherever possible including meals.

  • Starting in 2022, we will require all travelers 16 and over to provide proof of vaccination before travel, except in the case of medical reasons such as an allergic reaction (which will require a doctors note). As of now, children under 16 will not be required to be vaccinated unless vaccines have been proven safe. Anyone who is not able to get vaccinated will need to provide proof of a negative test before traveling.