Report Turtleshell When You Find It

The sale and purchase of products made from the shell of sea turtles is illegal in most countries and illegal to bring into most countries, with a risk of a fine or jail if caught. If you see it for sale, be sure to avoid purchasing it and let the seller know that you don’t support selling products made from endangered species but do not argue with with the sellers. Not sure how to tell the difference? Check out our guide below.

You can help us address this trade by filling out the form at right, letting us know with as much detail as possible. Specifically let us know where you saw it, how much there was for sale, what the price was, and if the seller made any comments. If you saw it online, please be sure to include the link.

Any information at all is helpful even if you can’t remember specifics. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may, but we hope to follow up with additional questions if possible. We’d also like to send a small gift to anyone with US addresses for reporting. Your name will never be associated with the report and we will ask permission before using it in any public context.

Preferred but not required
Please be as specific as possible, including the name of the store or place found.
If you found the product online.