Sea Turtles & Plastic Webinar

Webinar Notes:

Sea Turtles & Plastic: A conversation with experts on how plastic affects sea turtles, current research, ways that organizations are confronting this problem, and ways that people can use less plastic.

January 28th, 2021 @ 7 pm US Eastern / 4 pm US Pacific time


  • Dr. Christine Figgener: Marine biologist and ocean advocate who is passionate about conserving marine turtles, fighting plastic pollution, and empowering women. She works with Coasts Costa Rica and the Footprint Foundation and is the person who filmed the viral video of a straw being extracted from a turtle’s nose.

  • Sabine Berendse: Purpose driven conservationist & social entrepreneur, working to protect sea turtles and their habitat by creating a circular economy in the Caribbean. Founder of Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao & Green Phenix.

  • Daniel Gonzales-Paredes: Sea turtle conservationist and researcher. Danny works for Karumbe in Uruguay where he has studied the impact of plastic on sea turtle health.

Webinar links:


COASTS Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Conservation Organization

Footprint Foundation: Nonprofit working to reduce plastic consumption and polluion


Karumbe: Uruguayan Turtle Conservation Nonprofit

Plastic Free Turtles: Facebook Page


Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao: Instagram & Facebook

Green Phenix: Turning plastic waste into durable goods & jobs in Curacao